Friday, August 15, 2014

This summer has taught me to slow down enjoy every second and savor every minute of this life and my children. My oldest is 13 how can that be. How can she be talking to boys, noticing every good and bad thing I do, follow in my footsteps even on days when my footsteps aren't needing to followed. My oldest creation who I carried, birthed, and have grown up with literally can't be turning into the most beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed girl I have ever seen. Ive witnessed her first tears over boys this summer, her enjoyment over the sunset and sky, the messiness of her room, her not wanting to stay overnight anywhere because she loves home so much, her teenage attitude that intensifies almost daily, her sweet cuddles with her daddy, I've seen her love and choke her brother all in the same breath, watched her make friends at the beach and church camp, saw her witness friends giving their lives to Jesus and the emotion she had just spew out in tears and hugs, and lastly shared her hugs that squeeze with just the amount of love I need at that moment. I've watched my little pig tailed start her journey into teenage life and with all that I've seen I couldn't be more proud of you Grace Riley Caudle. All my love, Mom My baby is 8 and starting 3rd grade in a week WHAT! Will is one of a kind. Last night he said mom why does every pretty girl date every ugly boy....ummm Will I have no idea but your never dating so we should be good. He hasn't stopped talking all summer ask his sister;) and he continues to make me laugh and smile more than anyone else on this earth. I'm so thankful for his sweet spirit and excitement in the small things. We have a hermit crab and a worm farm presently as our family pets and he is working on getting a gecko. He is my bug catcher, outside til dark, best snuggles that melt my heart, extremely handsome, crazy blonde haired, blue eyed, mommas boy. I'm grateful for his kind heart. He wants to help everyone. No idea where he gets that from. Will your flexibility to do whatever is needed at such a young age is going to take you far son. William Reid Caudle please keep your sweet caring spirit son you will go far! I love you with all my heart. Mom

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